The Seward, Alaska port is home to Alaska Christian Ministry to Seafarers. This mission provides a home like setting to seafarers who come to the mission from various passenger ships that dock in the Seward port. Most of these seafarers come to the mission to use Wi-Fi to call home or to just relax in a home like setting. The same ships come into the Seward port during the summer about every two weeks. This means that many of the seafarers have an opportunity to come into the mission every couple of weeks depending upon their schedule and their position on board ship.

Seamans Mission
Seaman’s Mission in Seward

The mission’s director also goes onboard the ship when the ship comes into port to visit those seafarers that are not able to come into the mission. During these visits, the mission’s director also attempts to contact the captain and other top staff to develop a relationship with those members of the crew.

Each morning and all during the day, the volunteer staff uses the mission’s van to pick up seafarers at the port and drive them to the mission or drop them off at a local grocery store or restaurant. While at the mission, the staff attempts to visit with each visitor to see they can assist them or minister to them. In some instances, these conversations lead to an opportunity to present the gospel or communicate what Christians believe and why. Seafarers also can use the mission’s computers if they do not bring their own laptop or tablet.

Also, on many days, the mission holds a worship service for the ship’s believers. This special event allows the mission staff and some of their volunteers to worship together and present a special teaching to the ship’s Christian community. These services are very uplifting to the seafarers, staff and volunteers as songs can be sung in many different languages and it reminds one of what it might be like in heaven as believers from many nations worship together.